I am a fellow sojourner, on a journey, like you, through rough terrain. It has not been easy going, for sure.  I have had a really hard start, not being very well equip for the hike, to say the least! Nor were my parents, or theirs by the sounds of it.Hence, the generational sins do get passed down! There is no blame game , just facts.

I have a two year degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling. I lack a semester of credits for a BA in Criminal Justice. I have have credentials as a Substance Abuse Counselor. I have worked as a counselor in various settings for quite a few years.  My training and experience has been mostly with trauma survivors and those with mental illness. Post traumatic Stress Disorder/Complex PTSD. I also have extensive knowledge pertaining to Domestic Violence, both professionally and personally. I am very concerned with the lack of care with the community of believers for women and children suffering from abuse.  This will be evident in my writing.I have been divorced four times. I am a Modern Samaritan Woman.

I am a published author, but do not profess to be a professional writer, just called to write…there is a difference.  I write free style,to me that means I do not follow proper grammar rules, I write from the heart, not rule books. I follow the Holy Spirits  prompts.  I triedto jump thru the hoops of  rule books but I guess I’m not wired that way, or my own CPTSD has rewired my brain where its not capable at this season in my life to do that kinda stuff…..I don’t have the  time or patience for that right now…I have to be about my Daddy’s business….reaching out and touching your heart, so I will do my best not to screw up too bad with grammar and I will cross tees and dot the i’s

welcome to my imperfect world, I have so much to share with you about healing and restoration and how hard that can be and the painful pot holes to avoid.