Every fiber of my being

swam in the sea of Etoh

I was beyond caring,or seeing

I was drowning in that sea

darkness was my life

within me a plea

along came a premature seed

planted with out real love

only human physical need

every fiber of its being swam in the sea of Etoh

I was beyond caring, seeing

that silent buried plea

grew within me to a roar

when  awoken on  a cold floor

trapped inside were two children

both needing a Savior’s Love

the Spirit descended like a dove

precious infant

so tender an mildou grew to become so wild

lack of love

full of despair

seems like no one really cares

But, God so love us

He came to die

even in our state of high

Deliver me from myself I cried

no longer can i go on

so I begged to die

He reached down inside my heart

gave me a fresh start

Freed at last from the sea of Etoh

My precious baby so wild

each day you grow more mild

nurtured by our new Love

Thank you Jeshua for a new life

that when there is strife

I have You to turn to, and not

the Sea Of Etoh…