Woe to you my child of sorrow

born out of wedlock, out of my pain

how can we ever once again begin?

to live outside of past injustices

the world has dumped a load of trash on us

til I get high then crash

only to see the reality of our dilemma

to hear the world’s silence of love

our only hope and strength comes from above

child of woe and sorrow, only He can heal us

our lives a shamble, a farce, a lie

don’t it kinda make ya wanna die?

But, He who to set the captives free

He came  also to heal the sick and sorrowful!

He considered us when He planned to come and die!

therefore, dear one, we need not fear

Our sins forgiven, repented in tears

He’s been crying, too, for you and me

Leave with Him our sorrows and be free!