I yelled at you again, my child

How can words ever convey my remorse?

Can’t you see how I regret my anger?

My frustrations are many, my apologies too few.

I hurt you today, I know I did…

even though you forgave me and denied

my infliction of  pain on your soul…

I , too, was once in your shoes,

so I know you are masking the damage done…

To erase my words spoken in haste

is an impossible task, I’m afraid…

afraid of you putting more masks on to cover

and hide away from me and other imperfect  beings

that hurt you, abused you, caused shame

I wish I could open and bare my soul

that you could see how

I yearn  to wrap

my arms tightly around you to absorb your pain…

within the chambers of my heart

deep within my soul

there is a special place no human eye can see

it has your name written on it, only yours…

inside that room are my feelings for you.

And when I yelled, ranted and raved

that room shook as if an earthquake

hit deep within my soul, destroying

the surrounding places, but no matter what

that one special room remains the same.

I lost my cool with you today

I’m so human: imperfect and complete

for within me too, there is a child

whose needs were never met

I’m trying to love you the only way I know how

to love you, to bare my soul

but, somehow things never go right

built up anger erupts into spewing words

and I once again end up hurting you…