You zeroed in on me….me….what a catch!  College educated, working woman, I walked with dignity and respect….professional career…..little did I know the front you put on was the exact opposite of what lay within your twisted soul….I fell for it…ignored my guts…

Here I am, fighting for that woman I was before I met you, the woman I yearn to be again,

I’ve left twice before, forced back twice….three times is a charm….

Control….the money, the  thoughts, the emotions, a strangle hold on the soul…

Ok, I can play the game, I got your number now…I see through your games, I will play my own…lie low, plot my final escape, I will use you, pretend like you, that all is right, I  will have my own secret life, stash some money, get the support , the education , seek out that strong inner woman I still am.

let her shine, all in time and on your dime….