As I looked in the mirror and saw the bunny trails returning, I thought,”now what do I do about them?” Those dreaded stinking bunny trails.  When I got my first Botox injections, I knew it was only temporary, as with the fillers. Only a temporary fix.  I told my then husband and my anti-aging doctor I wanted the lifestyle lift.  It was more permanent then fillers and injections and less invasive and expensive than a face lift.  Less down time.  It made sense to me.. They both frowned.  So did I.  I didn’t call the shots, the one with the money and the one with the needles did.


Here I am, in a shelter for women fleeing domestic abuse worrying about returning bunny trails…how stupid and superficial!  Three times I have let the destructive marriage, two times I have returned duet to the financial situation…and dare I look back at the pleasures enjoyed? The messages, the facials, the access to an anti-aging doctor, a good chiropractor, manicures, pedicures.  A beautiful house, a house cleaner, good organic food, vacations, shopping sprees, what more could a woman want?

Reality Check…damage control…therapy for the  entire course of the marriage….medications….DSM IV diagnosis   of C-PTSD….the messages didn’t undo  the layers of knots in my shoulders, the manicures and pedicures were less than what I needed. Botox and fillers couldn’t erase the added 10 years of aging in the less than 4 years of marriage.  I had to go back to The House ..No amount of  exterior excursions could change the fact that I had to go back to The House.  To the Abusive Husband….

As I looked at my traumatic chaotic life and the great losses, the Lord  said, “do not look back”. “What? Was that you Lord?” I was unsure.  All through the day Lots wife came to my mind.  I pondered why she looked back as the Lord’s angel was delivering her and her family from destruction. Did she, too, have a leisurely lifestyle and nice pretty clothes and a beautiful home?

I reviewed the reasons I returned to the relationship two times previously and also the outcomes of returning. There was no change in him thus no change in the marriage.  Since returning from Florida the last time  I left him, I needed to take  Xanax when I knew he was on his way home from the office.  I took it on the weekends to keep calm around him.  Depression and anxiety were my everyday norms now. Did I want to continue living like this or was I willing to trust God and let Him lead me on a final Exodus journey into the life He wants me to live.

This time there was no returning: no looking back.  I  was wasting my life on an illusion that my husband controlled.  When I pulled aside the illusion and tried to confront his fantasy world all hell broke  loose.  I was the  crazy one, I was the one on meds, I was the one that twisted things and abused him.  I was the one playing the victim…well, no more! I came to a decision…No more games, no more  lies, no more power and control over me! Enough was enough!

No looking back this time…So let the bunnies run the trials on my aging face.  May I age gracefully free in the arms of the one who won my freedom…