The past, gone, and buried….

so they say…

But, reality in my mind is not so convinced

for memories of long ago pain

still echo in my head

I can still feel and hear my

inner child’s sorrow and terror

of a parent bellowing their own pain out of their own unconscious

of long ago pain

oh children! can you hear the cry

of memories still so fresh and denied?

generations of strife and anger

passed on to others like a friggin domino game?

whens does the screaming stop?? For one may fall prey to the grim reaper

far too weak to fight the echoing haunting cry of yesteryear despair.

Look up to the One who loves you so,

never to let you go,

stills the echoes of long ago.

Inner peace, past in in the past laid to rest.

a new life abounds

Surrender  is  the first step

taken from Fragments of A Tapestry by A Prodigal Daughter