Shall we exhume bones long ago buried

to see who was first in line to die from abuse?

I often wonder what happened then

generations ago to cause the ripple affect of abuses,

some too horrid to even ponder, some repressed, denied, but yet still alive

My eyes have sought to see truth

My mind is yet unable to comprehend

its insatiable hunger to eat us all.

Down thru the ages it has eaten families, it haunts daunted minds,

its poison spreads over the hearts of innocent victims

filling them with deep seeded emotions



only to erupt like Mount St.Helen, never knowing when…. what…..why  the spew of hot poison. erupts!

Children so innocent

again fall prey to the monster abuse.      they mask its damage swallowing the anger, rage, shame, pain and suffering,

hiding in their individual shells;

the pretty smiling masks we wear , so fake.

Only our Creator can see.

Only He can heal damaged lives by peeling the layers of masks we wear.

He sees through them…He sees into our souls…

every punch! slap! horrid touch!, words cutting like a knife!

He sees, He knows  our hearts shattered state!

He’s cried with us, always longing to be able to intervene to save, to hold, to protect, from the tyranny of abuse.

Are you a victim of abuse of long ago?

Maybe just yesterday it seems? of haunting plagues of memories exploding subtlety in nauseous glimpses?

God our Father who made us is the greatest Counselor.

Go to Him to be made free.

taken from the  book Fragments of A Tapestry by A Prodigal Daughter