I loved you my child, before your birth, I gently spoke

with love so deep to seep into you.

You were so beautiful to behold., a midget me, right  down to your toes,

You came home to a mother and father, all was right and good

till sins of youth flooded my head., booze stole another happy home  from the innocent

we were all in throes of agony.confused in my head, wishing

I were as the dead at peace in their graves,how I envied their calm tranquility,

I was not a fighter, more a coward.they took you away from from me,I ached in my soul.

Now we see each other as strangers, so different, yet so much alike, out hearts, still, entwined as it was in the womb, love runs deep,

even though they took you from me all those years, you came back, knowing it was I, your real mother, that loved you after all.                   Rest in Peace my son, love Mom May 18, 2015   Jason Paul Arnold May 18, 1978