I have been traumatized horribly by so called Christian” therapists, yes, I said therapists…too many do not have a clue and some of them are down right abusive…beware!

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

I just witnessed interactions between a ‘therapist’ who claims to be a sexual abuse survivor – and another survivor on Twitter. The lack of empathy shown by the therapist was so harmful and I know this woman should not be a therapist.

I think too many therapists are unhealed abuse survivors, who are still in denial of their own issues, yet are deluded to believe they can counsel other survivors.

I think some of them also have narcissistic issues, that show in their lack of empathy.

I think some like to stroke their egos and lord it over other survivors as to how ‘freakin amazing’ the therapist believes she/he is. Which is again is more narcissism.

Too many therapists shame others. They use insensitive language and they truly don’t care how that is harmful. When questioned they refuse to acknowledge this, and just default to the ‘I am right and…

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not only do some victim shame, but some will collude with the abusers…beware!!! Even though they may voice thier supposed trauma training…even if they are supposed Christians…beware!!! Pray for your Creators guidence in who to share your story with, if your gut tells you something is not right, if you do not feel safe, if they start pointing the finger at you like they are blaming you, leave…Shalom dear one..

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD


Following posting this on Twitter, I was very thankful to see some mental health professionals, share this poster.

There are empathic mental health professionals, who also see this victim shaming issue, is really wrong. They support my work, have also given me great feedback and for that, I am so very grateful.


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Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

When people think of self harming, they mostly think about physical acts of self harming, like cutting.

Physical self harm is a very real form of self harm and is an obvious form as it is visible.

But, I have come to know that emotional self harm is even more of a problem and people often don’t even realise they are self harming emotionally as it a subconscious trauma induced behaviour, and often mental health professionals know little about this too.

So, I intend adding a page to my website, explaining this and the many different ways emotional self harming can occur.

It takes a lot of self honesty and self insight to acknowledge emotional self harming, but it is needed.

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Mirror Mirror…on the wall who is the fairest of them all? I wonder what you saw, Mirror as I gazed into your depths all those years I was beaten… causing my brokenness Blood smearedR… Source: Mirro…

Source: Mirror Mirror from Fragments of A Tapestry by A Prodigal Daughter

Darkest nights turn to …bright noonday…

why can’t my love stay away….

from beating me?

Swooning endearments…caress my battered bloody ears…

swollen eyes cry bloody tears…as you plead for  forgiveness

for the hundredth time…

broken promises…

broken dreams…

broken bones…

broken mind

broken life….

broken, broken broken world…

Mirror Mirror…on the wall

who is the fairest of them all?

I wonder what you saw, Mirror

as I gazed into your depths

all those years I was beaten…

causing my brokenness

Blood smeared….I was invisible

as I gazed into you…

I could no longer see me…

Did the Mirror  see me

or did the Mirror see You…

You who created me….

Blood running down

Your tear stained Divine face

Radiant with Love

for we broken ones…

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speedballing highballing…cryballing footballing….

In my face….make me wretch

wretched soul that I am


in my gut….   make me wretch

wretched soul that I am…


why don’t you play fair?????


Woe to you my child of sorrow

born out of wedlock, out of my pain

how can we ever once again begin?

to live outside of past injustices

the world has dumped a load of trash on us

til I get high then crash

only to see the reality of our dilemma

to hear the world’s silence of love

our only hope and strength comes from above

child of woe and sorrow, only He can heal us

our lives a shamble, a farce, a lie

don’t it kinda make ya wanna die?

But, He who to set the captives free

He came  also to heal the sick and sorrowful!

He considered us when He planned to come and die!

therefore, dear one, we need not fear

Our sins forgiven, repented in tears

He’s been crying, too, for you and me

Leave with Him our sorrows and be free!

Every fiber of my being

swam in the sea of Etoh

I was beyond caring,or seeing

I was drowning in that sea

darkness was my life

within me a plea

along came a premature seed

planted with out real love

only human physical need

every fiber of its being swam in the sea of Etoh

I was beyond caring, seeing

that silent buried plea

grew within me to a roar

when  awoken on  a cold floor

trapped inside were two children

both needing a Savior’s Love

the Spirit descended like a dove

precious infant

so tender an mildou grew to become so wild

lack of love

full of despair

seems like no one really cares

But, God so love us

He came to die

even in our state of high

Deliver me from myself I cried

no longer can i go on

so I begged to die

He reached down inside my heart

gave me a fresh start

Freed at last from the sea of Etoh

My precious baby so wild

each day you grow more mild

nurtured by our new Love

Thank you Jeshua for a new life

that when there is strife

I have You to turn to, and not

the Sea Of Etoh…